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    Pat McDonnell Paints

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    Cladding & Exterior Paint

    Frequently asked questions:
    Q. I am worried that overspray will carry to the car park next to where I'm painting. Can you advise?
    Q. Is there a chance that the cladding paint could reacting with the existing coating on the cladding?
    Q. What are the benefits of using water based paint on wooden surfaces?
    Q. What is the best colour to go with when painting cladding?
    Q. Is the cladding paint tough enough to protect my cladding in a coastal area?
    Q. What is the best product for treating wooden furniture?
    Q. Can you recommend a water repellent varnish for an external wall?
    Q. What is the best way of applying water based paint to wooden surfaces?
    Q. How many coats of cladding paint are necessary?
    Q. How will the cladding paint improve the look of my building?
    Q. How do I apply water based paint?
    Q. What thinners should I use?
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