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    Job References

    Murfill is a long life exterior coating

    Job Reference: McGuire's Cottages, Co. Leitrim (
    Product: Murfill Waterproofing, Pegafix (impregnation primer), and Elastofill (elastomeric gap filler)
    Details: McGuires had been repainting their country cottages at least once a year. The were having constant problems with
    paint cracking and flaking (leaving paint flakes scattered around their scenic grounds). The cottages are very rustic and have
    plenty of cracking and microcracking in the walls. The McGuires therefore needed to go with an elasticated coating that
    would move and flex with any contraction and expansion that would take place in the walls. Murfill, a 400% elastic coating,
    can be applied. Check out

    Job Reference: Ireland's lighthouses
    Product: Noxyde/Murfill
    Details: Mathys coatings were used to coat, and give ,long term protection to all of the maritime light houses in Ireland
    Contractor: Irish Lights, contracted to Carl Egan

    Job Reference: Carlow County Council - Tullow Civic Centre
    Product: Murfill
    Details: Carlow County Council chose Murfill Waterproofing Coating to paint and protect their Civic Centre Building in Tullow
    Contractor: Michael Bennett of Bennett Construction (053 9388 651)

    Job Reference: Hilton Hotel, Dublin
    Product: Murfill Waterproofing
    Details: Murfill, our "never paint again" coating, was applied onto the Hilton Hotel in Dublin to give an asthetic finish that would last for decades.
    Painting Contractor: Dermot Bergin Building & Decorating Services (087 2506 358)

    Job Reference: Kilbarrack Fire Station.
    Product: Murfill Waterproofing (3 coat system)
    Details: The fire station was painted with Pegafix impregnation primer follow with two heavy coats of Murfill waterproofing coating.
    Painting Contractor: Anzco Ltd. Contact: Alex or Darren (0)14 0196 44,

    Job Reference: Pat Murphy - Murfill customer – 15 years ago
    Product: Murfill Waterproofing
    Details: Pat Murphy bought Murfill for this house 15 years ago and it is in perfect condition. A number of his friends have bought the product since.
    Pat Murphy, Camolin Ph. (087 9845218)

    Job Reference: 5 Cliffton Terrace, Monkstown (Dun Laoighaire Rd.)
    Product: Painted with Murfill Waterproofing, May 2010
    Details: After water and frost damage pushed existing coatings off the building the building contractor recommended applying a more durable coating.
    Murfill is 100% waterproofing and is completely elasticaed (i.e. it will stretch and flex with any movement in the building and will not crack or flake).
    Painting Contractor: Dermot Bergin Building & Decorating Services(087 2506 358) 

    Job Reference: Ballinteer Avenue
    Product: Murfill Waterproofing
    Details: 200 year old bungalow. Coated with Murfill 20 years ago. The paint is still in perfect condition.
    Painting Contractor: Dermot Bergin Building & Decorating Services(087 2506 358) 

    Job Reference: Teagasc, Ashbourne
    Product: Murfill Waterproofing
    Details: Specificed by Gary Falconer of C.J. Falconer & Associates Architects ( for a new Teagasc building in Ashtown.
    Builders: John G Burns and Sons

    Job Reference:Brittas Bay - Cottages facing the coast.
    Product: Murfill Waterproofing
    Details: The houses are situated at the coast. Due to the constant salt spray and high winds the houses were being painted regularly.
    Dermot Bergin building contractors advised coating the bunglows with Murfill.
    Even in the harshest of environments Mufill will give a 100% waterproofing guarantee and an exceptionally long life.
    Painting Contractor: Dermot Bergin Building & Decorating Services(087 2506 358) 

    Job Reference: St. Francis Convent, Ballinderry, Mullingar
    Product: Murfill (with Pegafix - waterbased Impregnation Primer)
    Details: Patrick Weafer Architects recommended Murfill long life coating for the external walls of the Loreto Convent in Mullingar.
    Contractor: Michael Fagan, Building Contractor. Finbarr Fielding, Painting Contractor (087 2630744)

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